GHGMAT, or Gestimat in French, is an estimation tool for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions linked to the manufacturing of structural materials, which makes it possible to compare different building scenarios in two contexts, provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

Scenarios can be modeling using estimated quantities of materials based on typical buildings or by entering directly the quantities of materials composing their construction components.

As part of government initiatives like the Government leadership measure of the Policy for the Use of Wood in Construction, GHGMAT also allows various provincial ministries and agencies to share their analyses with the ministry in charge for reporting purposes.

Accessible to everyone, GHGMAT has been released online in French in 2019 and in English in 2020.

Its English name of the tool was ajusted for GHGMAT in beginning of 2022 to be more meaningful the English-speaking public.



The data obtained concerning material quantities using this tool is made available for the purpose of estimating GHG emissions. Under no circumstances may this data be used for other purposes, such as the design of building structures.